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Clear orthodontics

Clear or invisible orthodontics – it’s your secret

Have you ever dreamt of straight teeth, but have been discouraged by the perspective of walking around with metal braces (brackets)?
Children and teenagers do not necessary have this problem because many of their peers undergo orthodontic procedures . Walking around with braces on one’s teeth may sometimes be a fashion statement, with an effort being made to make the treatment stand out using color rubber bands.
However, there is a small group of adult patients, who for social reasons deny themselves the opportunity to enjoy straight teeth only because they would not want to be seen with braces on their teeth.

Invisible orthodontics methods:

  1. Internal (lingual) invisible orthodontics

In classic orthodontics, metal braces are bonded to the teeth on their outer (buccal / facial) surfaces. To make the orthodontic treatment invisible, methods allowing the brace to be bonded on the inner (lingual / palatal) side of the tooth have been developed. A popular method is the 3MIncognito™ method. Using this method, after planning the desired treatment course, the orthodontist will take an impression of the jaws and will send them to the company. There, the company’s laboratories will make a model of the teeth and, using computer software, will individually fabricate for each tooth a custom brace according to its inner aspect shape. This unique fabrication method not only allows us to bond the braces on the inside of the tooth, making the orthodontic treatment invisible and esthetic, but the unique, careful fabrication means that braces can be better bonded to teeth due to their perfect fit, and they are also shaped to irritate the tongue as little as possible. The wire threaded between the braces is also fabricated and bent according to the specific case. The treatment time is usually identical to that of conventional treatment. The disadvantages of invisible internal orthodontics is the difficulty in maintaining hygiene, so careful oral hygiene are necessary.
This method is suitable for both adults and teenagers.

  1. Clear aligners

This solution can be perfect for anyone who is bothered by the idea of fixing braces on their teeth! The idea is to straighten out the teeth using clear, transparent aligners, that are placed on the teeth and apply forces in various directions to move the teeth.

Different Options and method exist …

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