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hidden arch

Many patients complain about protruding teeth, a protruding upper jaw or protruding lower jaw. Correction of these anomalies often depends on our ability to treat them with an arch.

The classic arch is external and visible, may stress the neck and head and for many is esthetically challenging.
An internal arch may help correct both situations in which the upper jaw is protruding and situations in which the lower jaw is protruding.

Therefore, whenever possible, I prefer using an internal (hidden) arch that can be used for most of the day, provides an esthetically better appearance and is barely visible from outside because all of it is in the oral cavity.

Many patients report great satisfaction with this treatment method!

The internal arch can be silver, colored or even transparent.

We would be happy to check whether a hidden arch can suit you too.

Dr. Orr Ofek,


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